Ten Tips to Avoid Stress On Your Calgary Wedding Day

July 25th, 2023

You’ve likely thought about your wedding day for a long time, and it should be a happy day celebrating with everyone you love. But weddings also involve tons of moving parts and planning, which can all go awry very easily. Here are 10 tips to avoid stress on your wedding day tailored specifically to Calgary, Canmore and Banff Weddings!.


Steam your wedding dress with distilled water

I didn’t know this tip before our wedding, and I’m so glad nothing went wrong as a result. Only use distilled water to steam your wedding dress, otherwise, you could end up with brown spots all over it. If possible, steam your dress and veil the night before to save time on the big day.


Gather all your details in one bag or box

This will save you from running around trying to find different pieces you want in your detail flat lays and potentially forgetting a special piece. Also, ask your florist to include to some loose flowers and greenery to add to the shots—if curated flat lays are important to you. It really elevates the overall look and fills empty space.


Learn to tie your bow tie or tie before the wedding day

I’m always happy to help finesse a tie, bow tie or pin a boutonniere before a wedding, but you’ll save lots of time if you do a little prep beforehand. Photographers have a lot to do, and tying six bow ties takes my focus away from capturing moments.


Check and double-check your outfit

On the topic of suits, double check everyone in your group has what they need when they’re picked up. I’ve seen groomsmen end up with the incorrect shirt size, vests that are completely different from everyone else’s, missing ties, you name it. Bride and bridesmaids, make sure your dresses fit correctly when you pick them up from alterations, that you pack all of your necessary undergarments, and that you’ve chosen shoes you can actually walk in. When in doubt, you can never go wrong with a low, chunky heel to avoid sinking into grass and tripping on potentially uneven ground.


Don’t get drunk before photos

Weddings are a celebration and time to party, but this doesn’t mean turning the whole day into a bender—looking at you, groomsmen who start shotgunning beer at 9 am. Drunkenness always shows in photos and makes wrangling group shots stressful. Yes, we can do some funny photos, but the couple getting married likely wants nice photos of you too. If you’re going to imbibe, try to alternate each drink with a glass of water, and don’t forget to eat!

Trust your vendors

Your vendors are there for you and to help make your day memorable for all the right reasons. Try not to stress about what we’re doing and stay present. We’ll get the shots you want, your hair and makeup will look fantastic, and your venue will be set up just the way you envisioned. One of the best ways to ensure you can relax on your wedding day is to communicate your must-haves with your vendors ahead of time. I always send a questionnaire asking for details, and this includes must-have shots. Take your time with things like this, let your artists know what you’d like at trials, and everything will run smoothly.


Keep the family photo list manageable

Family photos can quickly eat up a huge chunk of time, especially with large groups. Stick to your immediate or close family if time is tight. We can always get shots with other family members during your reception. Every grouping takes about three to five minutes, and even longer if there are 10 people or more. Before you know it, you can easily spend an hour on family photos, and this will cut into bridal party portraits and couples’ portraits.


Build in buffer time

It’s rare everything runs on time during a wedding day, despite everyone’s best intentions. Don’t make a timeline so tight that everything will be thrown off if one portion of the day runs behind. This will help you enjoy the day more without feeling like you’re rushing through everything. I always like to review timelines with coordinators and couples to avoid this.


Arrange transportation in advance

Transportation for your family and wedding party is crucial, whether you book a limo to transport everyone or designate drivers—just don’t try to figure out who’s driving right before you have to leave. If you do have people driving in your group, communicate the exact addresses of every place they need to go, what time they need to be there, and where the closest parking lot is. You don’t want to organize this on the fly. It just creates unnecessary stress for everyone involved.


Pack some essentials

Designate someone in your bridal party to bring a bag with emergency supplies, like tampons, Band-aids, tissues, sunscreen, and so on. If you forget any items, I always have a bag packed and ready to go!

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