Five Tips to Deal with Post-Wedding Blues

April 8th, 2024

You dream about your wedding day and what it will be like, meticulously plan all the details, and the big day finally arrives. You have the time of your life with your new spouse, family, and friends, and then it’s all over. The post-wedding blues definitely hit me to some degree when our wedding was all said and done — partly because I’d spent more than two years thinking about it thanks to COVID postponements —  and I didn’t realize how common it is to feel a little sad after the fact.


Here are five ways to get past the post-wedding blues ASAP. Remember, your wedding is only one day and you have a new marriage to enjoy. That’s really what it’s all about.


Have Some Downtime with Your Spouse

Don’t use all your vacation days pre-wedding. Plan some downtime together after the wedding to decompress from all the visitors, planning, and celebrating. You can do some of your favourite things together, have a staycation at a nice hotel, and take in the fact you just got married.


Relive the Memories Together

If you’re really missing your wedding day, plan a date night at home with some charcuterie and bubbles and look at photos together. You’ll have a preview from your photographer within a couple of days (I promise 48 hours) and you can also scroll through phone photos your friends and family shared with you. Talk about your favourite memories and relive them together. You may have seen or experienced things the other missed!


Plan Regular Date Nights

Take turns planning regular date nights to give yourself events to look forward to. Every date doesn’t have to be over-the-top or expensive either. You can alternate having a date night at home with going out. Challenge yourself to think outside the box, try new places and activities together, or surprise your partner with something you know they’ll love. 


Have a Mini Moon or Save Your Honeymoon for Later

Couples traditionally leave for their honeymoon right after their wedding, and there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s your plan, but it can mean another let-down right away when you come home. Saving your honeymoon for later in the year allows time to slow down a little post-wedding and prolongs some of the excitement. If you want to get away sooner than later, plan a mini moon somewhere close by.


Find a New Project to do Together

My husband and I joked that we weren’t sure what we’d talk about when our wedding was behind us — little did we know we’d be talking about a baby not long after — but shifting focus to something else can help you bond in a new way and get excited about something. You could plan a DIY project for your new house or yard, start volunteering together, or join a recreational sports league. Staying busy will help! 

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